FEED1 Competitions

Between March and July 2023, we introduced a FEED1 Competition. We believe that everyone deserves recognition for their hard work on the FEED1 trial and all members of the FEED1 teams at sites could get involved in this competition. 

This competition has now closed, but we are strongly encouraging sites to continue to use the FEED1 Stickers and distribute these to staff members who collect oral assent, written consent, randomise an infant or show 'FEED1 Star' behaviour. 


Please contact the FEED1 team if you require more stickers: feed1@nottingham.ac.uk

Please send us photos of your FEED1 team wearing their stickers to feature on our Twitter and FEED1 stars webpage

December FREE Tote Bag per Randomisation

In December 2023, the FEED1 team are giving away a FREE tote bag for every randomisation made. If you randomise an infant into the trial, the FEED1 team will contact you via email to confirm the best address to send this to. Happy randomising and happy shopping! 

FEED1 Tote bags

The advertisement for this can be viewed here